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Terms & Conditions

Thanks for choosing Ramirez Career Consulting, LLC (Company) as your partner. We are excited to begin working with you (Client) and are committed to your success. We will make every effort to ensure that you are satisfied during every step of the process, a process which has generated great results for many of our Clients. 


To ensure agreement between both parties, please read our Client Agreement. Payment for services is your acknowledgment that you have read, understood, and accepted our pricing, process, and terms and conditions. 



Client acknowledges that the questionnaire must be provided to Company ahead of document preparation, LinkedIn profile optimization, and/or interview coaching and that any delays on the Client’s behalf in submitting the completed questionnaire will cause the Client’s project to be delayed and placed into the rotation of Company’s current project schedule. In order to ensure that project delivery remains consistent with Company’s schedule, Clients will have a maximum of 30 days from the date of project booking and receipt of questionnaire to submit projects documents to company. 


Absent express agreement between the parties and barring any serious medical or personal emergency, Client’s failure to provide timely questionnaire responses, supporting requested services documentation, document review, or to complete any other required actions within 30 days of the date the documentation was provided to Client or request for information was provided to Client, project will be placed on hold. If Client fails to comply with any of the procedures, processes, or timelines, Company reserves the right to terminate the project and/or assess a restart/reactivation fee. If a project is placed on hold for more than 30 days, a 25% reinstatement/reactivation fee will be assessed for Company to re-commence work on the project and allot time on its calendar. Projects placed on hold for 60 days will be charged a 50% reinstatement/reactivation fee. Projects placed on hold for 90 days will be charged a 75% reinstatement/reactivation fee. Any projects placed on hold for 120 days or longer will be charged a 100% reinstatement/reactivation fee. 


All reinstatement/reactivation fee percentages are based on the pricing in place at the time the project is reinstated/reactivated, not the original price that the Client was charged for their project.



You acknowledge and understand that fees are for information-gathering, research, and development of career documents. Payment covers customized services, including personal brand development, writing, design, layout, editing and proofreading, and finalization of such documents. All work is intellectual property and takes a significant amount of time to prepare and complete, which cannot be recouped. 


Client acknowledges and understands that once payment is made, should Client wish to cancel project, a penalty will be assessed as follows: cancellation after project is paid for, but before writing or interview preparation session generation has begun, a full refund will be made less any PayPal/Square transaction fees and a 25% cancellation fee – cancellation after work has begun, but before first draft of any documents are provided to Client or first interview coaching session has occurred, 75% of total project price is retained by Company (draft of document(s) will not be provided to Client) – cancellation after the first draft is provided to Client or first interview coaching session has taken place, 100% of total project price is retained by Company. 



Clients receive detailed proofreading instructions with document delivery. They are asked to carefully review their document or documents for accuracy and completeness. Unless other arrangements are made, Clients must submit revisions by phone or email within 7 days from delivery of any document drafts. 



All writing services include up to three rounds of revisions and a quality check after the initial document delivery. Revisions do not include adding additional information. 


We are not responsible for incorporating new content as part of the revision process. Any revisions that will result in a significant departure from the original draft provided will be considered a new document and incur additional fees. 



To deliver completed documents within the standard delivery time, Clients will need to review all drafts, revisions, and final documents and notify us in a timely manner. Unless other arrangements are made, all documents are considered final 30 days after delivery. 


Ramirez Career Consulting, LLC is not responsible for errors, inaccuracies, incorrect or misleading information that is not brought to our attention before the project is finalized. 



Provided that all information requested of the Client (i.e., current resume, job postings, completed Information Document, and any other information as may be deemed necessary) is provided to Company within 14 business days of the date the information is requested, completed collateral will be provided to Client within 7-10 business days of receipt by Company of the final requested information. 


If Client provides all requested information within the stated timeframe and contracted collateral is not delivered to Client by Company within the stated 7-10 business days, Company will refund the full amount paid by Client, plus a 5% penalty. If Client purchases more than one service, a refund would only be provided for the service(s) that was not delivered and 5% penalty would only apply to service(s) refunded. 



Maintaining confidentiality is one of our highest priorities. All information shared on worksheets or phone consultations during, before, and after the project’s completion remains confidential. Ramirez Career Consulting, LLC does reserve the right to submit fictionalized documents for contest, competition, award, website, and publication purposes. By accepting this Client Services Agreement, you are providing authorization for Ramirez Career Consulting, LLC to use said fictionalized documents without the need to obtain any additional written or verbal authorization. 



Many Ramirez Career Consulting, LLC Clients have had great success finding new positions and advancing their careers. However, we cannot guarantee that Clients will land a new job or promotion because of investing in our services. 


Job interviews and subsequent hires are solely at the discretion of the employer. A resume (or another career service or document) is only one component of the job-search process. Success finding a new opportunity is based on many factors which are beyond our control. 


Ramirez Career Consulting, LLC works collaboratively with our Clients. By purchasing any of our services you agree to our product and services process which includes completing various worksheets and performing suggested activities. The information you provide directly impacts the completed products we are able to create for you.



Full payment is required before any work on any services begins. The products and/or services purchased from Ramirez Career Consulting, LLC are conceived, designed, and customized for each Client. As such, they are considered a set of creative products and services and are nonrefundable. 



Ramirez Career Consulting, LLC 

Megan Ramirez

(818) 860-0740


Client is provided with a copy of this Agreement via email, along with the Client Proposal. If Client elects to purchases a service or package from Company, Client will receive 2 emails from Square, the payment processor for Company. One email will be a detailed invoice and the other will be an electronic version of the Client Services Agreement. All clients are required to electronically sign the Client Services Agreement before any work begins.

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