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About Me


Megan Ramirez

Career Coach & Consultant

For more than six years, my professional life has been marked by spearheading hiring efforts for organizations that seek the very best in the competitive world of recruiting, from early-stage start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. During my time as an agency recruiter, I doubled as a career coach and advisor to my candidates–re-writing resumes, preparing them for interviews, and assisting in negotiations. As an internal recruiter, I gained deeper understanding and insight into hiring processes and workflows, as well as what hiring managers and interviewers are really looking for when assessing candidates. This well-rounded experience paired with my academic foundation in interpersonal and organizational communication equips me with a unique set of knowledge, skills, and insights to help others identify their strengths and market themselves strategically.

Strategy and planning are the fabric of my DNA. As a first-generation college student from less-than-ideal circumstances, every step toward my success has been carefully planned and executed. Everything I have done has been with purpose and intention, striking the right balance between strategy and authenticity. In high school, I decided I wanted to do public relations for Disney. My freshman year of college, I went to extraordinary lengths to contact the head of communications at Disney for a career-related research project (unsuccessfully at the time). Upon college graduation, I had a full-time, paid internship lined up with ABC News. The last week of my internship, I sat across the table from Disney’s head of communications at lunch.


Having gotten my start in public relations and marketing, I leveraged everything I learned about strategic communication to purposefully and strategically market myself for the positions I sought. Bringing those same tactics into the search process, I quickly and successfully landed interviews and pivoted my career to recruiting. After witnessing my consistent and repeated success in these areas, I became the go-to for my inner-circle on all things job search and career strategy related. I am now excited to help you pursue your goals with that same laser sharp focus and determination.

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